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Foto Marie Christine von Oppen

Marie-Christine von Oppen
Travelling started early – with a “journey in the belly” through South America and voyage on the “Santa Isabel” of the legendary Hamburg Süd-line back to Germany – and thus I was born here.

HAMBURG and the North of Germany have always been a central part of my life. Having been born in Reinbek/ Schleswig-Holstein and having grown up between the South of Germany and South America – our holidays were always spent with family in the North of Germany.
After the German Abitur (German diploma for university admission) in Buenos Aires/Argentina return to Germany. Studies of physiotherapy (and much more),among other places in Hamburg. Meanwhile I have lived around 30 years in the “Pearl of the North”, now as a certified tour guide of Hamburg and of the Plaza of the Elbphilharmonie.

BILBAO – it was love at first sight with Bilbao and the whole Basque Country where I lived for over twelve years. Beside my continuing therapeutical work (www.mcvonoppen.com) I discovered my second professional pillar – my passion for city and tour guiding.
I have accompanied and guided: Groups from all sorts of interests and backgrounds, such as Art and Culture, Incentive tours, Journalists and Family groups, Cruise guests, Church groups along St. James + Ignatius Way, groups of wine growers and farmers – this for agencies from all around the world.
I am a Certified Guggenheim Bilbao-Guide.

Travelling and languages have always formed an important part of my life. Right from the start through the continuous moves the whole family had to undertake owing to my father’s job.  In later years trough my own studies and teaching–discovering different places, their peculiarities, cultures and in particular the people.

Journeys: Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brasil, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, USA, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, France, England, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Cyprus, Pakistan, Russia, Baltic Countries, Poland, Spain, Portugal

BILBAO & HAMBURG – since 2017 back in Hamburg. Both places are for keeps.

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